In the ebb and flow of life’s weird design,
We started as lovers, hearts intertwined,
But then the pandemic cast its shadowed spell,
Forcing us apart, bidding our farewells.

Yet in the silence, we held on tight,
Fingers entwined, hearts in flight,
Through screens and calls, we kept the flame aglow,
Living in a limbo, pretending not to know.

Now the flights are back, the world’s in bloom,
We reunite, dispelling all gloom,
In Shinjuku’s embrace, we wander hand in hand,
Lost in moments, like grains of sand.

You show me your favorites, treat me to many firsts,
As if time had paused, quenching old thirsts,
But amidst the laughter and the joyous sound,
Doubt creeps in, casting shadows all around.

Should I stay, in this bittersweet embrace?
Or should I stop, before it’s too late?
For in this situationship, where lines are blurred,
The heart must decide, its voice must be heard.

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