Bohol is best known to be one of the top beach destinations in the Philippines and is swiftly becoming a dining haven as well.

Had the chance to visit Panglao a couple of times in just two months, and was able to experience a bit of the already budding dining scene in the island. Nestled by the beach of BE Grand Resort Bohol, The Monkey Bar by Chef Jenzel Fontanilla is for sure one of the most notable and I must say, a must-go whenever you visit the island.

Set in a relaxed and cozy al fresco ambiance, it’s a perfect spot to just chill and unwind with friends and family. The 50-seater al fresco dining blends in well with the natural landscape, and fresh sea water breeze is definitely a bonus. And what a better way to start a delightful gustation than with a glass of house specialty cocktail!

For the eats, 3 of my personal bets are the Tuna Tataki, Pesto Pasta and the Beef Shank. The Tuna Tataki is made of Ahi Tuna with micro greens, ponzu, wasabi and sesame seeds. Pesto Pasta is made with burnt tomato, chicken, homegrown basil, and Grana Padano served with baguette. The Smoked Beef Shank bone is served with mac n’ cheese, tortilla wraps, fries and salmon crisps.

What makes the dining experience special at The Monkey Bar by Chef Jenzel Fontilla is that the dishes are cooked traditionally using the Santa Maria grill or “abuhan” , and of course, award-winning molecular gastronomy Chef Jenzel himself puts in his creative and intriguing takes on these well-loved comfort food, elevating the experience, ultimately making you want to come back for more.

Wrapping up a sumptuous dinner with more house specialty drinks! Because why not? And yeah, these unique cocktails are made from local fruits and herbs which makes the flavors more colloquially interesting.

#ComeAndPlay at The Monkey Bar by Chef Jenzel Fontilla at Be Grand Resort Bohol, Be Grand Drive, Baranggay Danao, Panglao Island Bohol. They are open from 11:00AM to 10:00PM daily. For inquiries and reservations, call 0969 287 4268.

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