Panglao is best known for being one of the country’s tranquil beach destinations, and has recently been making noise with a number delightful food spots, putting forward not only ig-worthy restaurant concepts but also unique and mouthwatering offerings. And just a few months back, discovered a fun and unique experience that I would recommend when you get the chance to visit Panglao.

I headed to South Farm Panglao after checking out of North Zen Villas, for a FREE tour (P 198 fee for non North Zen and South Palm Resort guests) of the acres of property supplying the hotels under the brand with fresh and organic produce.

The 9-hectare property has 3 villages to explore – Farmer’s, Fisherman’s and Artisan. South Farm Panglao aims to preserve and promote Bohol’s gentrified provincial life and unique geography through innovative Agri tourism and eco- farming activities.

The Farmer’s Village highlight packets of organic plantations growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and more, and barns of animals like rabbits, goats, sheep and horses. I surely had fun feeding and playing with the farm animals!

At the Fisherman’s Village, I tried my luck to fish for lunch, and caught a big one – almost a kilo of tilapia, which I had the in-house cooks deep fried.

Before heading for lunch at Uma’s Cafe, I strolled along the Artisan’s Village – enjoying the artworks and murals made by the employees themselves, and marvelled at the craftsmanship of local makers at the carpentry shed and basket weaver at the artisan shack.

And if you want some “kilig” in your life, try the local vinegar produced and formulated in-house made from coconuts grown in the property.

Lunch at Uma’s Cafe

The farm tour ended roughly, and very timely, around lunchtime. The fried tilapia was ready to be served, along with the restaurant’s specialties – Tinola made with organic free-range chicken and Humba ala Panglao. The native vibe gives it a more Filipino experience – surrounded by mosaics and artworks by the employees, and furniture from recycled materials, wood and other reusable materials.

South Farm Pangalo features a nature-based, family-oriented tourism attraction for visiting guests.

Visit South Farms at Brgy. Bolod, Panglao Island, Bohol 6340, Philippines. Contact South Farms at  +639 17 716 7609 or +63 38 502 8288.

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