Adventures are the best way to learn! And I swear by that there’s nothing more exhilarating than experiencing cultures, connection and food through travel.

I’ve been exploring places as far as I can remember, and I am positive that it’s more than a hook. it’s something that recharges me, a source of inspiration. And hoping that by sharing every adventure through my socials and my blog page,, would ignite the all the readers’ desire to go on jaunts of their own!

I am very thankful to Cebu Best Blog Awards for recognizing as Cebu’s Best Travel Blog for 2022. Can’t imagine I’d be getting an award for being a “lakwatsero” or “laagan.” Teehee

This year, 2023, is all about rediscovering my favorite places and revisiting my favorite cities – Philippines, East Asia and Southeast Asia. I can’t wait to visit more of Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and of course, the Philippines.

For the first month of 2023, It was sure a fun Sinulog comeback right here in my hometown – Cebu, and then went for a quick Manila trip for a Cebu Pacific event. Can’t wait for a winter Seoul escapade this February which I am personally very excited about.

Tell you more about it really soon! And keep in touch and follow me on my socials!

How about you, what are your travel plans for 2023?

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