Honestly, having a reliable portable WiFI gives me the confidence to go around abroad and unfamiliar places. Just click on Google Maps and you’ll get food and attraction recommendations, commute and walking directions to your destination. Super convenient!

Roaming service has a hefty price tag, so getting a local data service is the best option, specially if you’re on a budget. Choose from two options: get a local sim card or rent a pocket WiFi.

Personally, I prefer renting a pocket WiFi when traveling as it can connect multiple gadgets, usually up to three simultaneously. I will be vacationing Seoul for 11 days and booked “South Korea 4G Pocket WiFi” for Php 142 per day! Price is as of February 1, 2023. rates may change without prior notice.

Three reasons why I booked this than the other pocket WiFi are:
1. The pick-up point at Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 is open 24 hours
I’ll be arriving 8-ish in evening, and it’s great to know that the pick-up station is still open the soonest I arrive.

2. Fast Upload / Download Speed
The service offers 50mbps upload and 150mbps download speeds.

3. Unlimited & Affordable
The service offers unlimited data connection for less less than $30 for 11 days rent. The offer is such a steal!

The pocket WiFi rental is also available for pick-up at Incheon International Airport 2, Gimpo Airport and Busan International Airport.

Click photo to book your portable WiFI rental for your next trip to Korea!

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