Just like everybody else, the past years has tremendously altered my lifestyle, and my the way I see things. Being on lockdown for so long gave me the opportunity to reflect on my choices, realign my goals and somehow, granted me a better appreciation of the simpler life.

My love for travel never faltered though. I was restless, pining for more places to explore during the times we were on mandatory stand-still. Making my longing more obvious, my instagram feed gave prominence to my last travels abroad in 2020, before a hold for international travel was announced.

Telling stories on print and online for over 10 years, weaving and sharing adventures will always be a part of me. And moving forward, this page is where I’ll be recounting my escapades and feats, combining three of my previous blogs – Doyzkie.com, iLuvCebu.com and TastyCebuPh.com, on one blog page.

DoyzkieTheExplorer.com will feature fresh and updated travel and lifestyle content, timely as we all start to embrace a post-pandemic way of living. Feels so much like a change of season.

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